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“One must become a strong person before becoming a strong runner”

      I just finished reading the book “Born to run” whose title in Spanish is “Born to run” and something very curious happened to me, I have barely finished the last page I wanted to start it again, as if it were a carousel ride and I would like another round and that the laps did not end, I had been wanting to read this book for a long time, and about my trip to the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua I was trying to hurry more with his reading, however it is one of those books that are savored while you are reading little by little.

Too much history, many characters, a great description of the Tarahumara mountains, its landscapes and lots of data and scientific theories.

I am glad to have concluded it after returning from the Barrancas, while reading it I could put images in my mind when describing some sites, the main street of the town of Creel, reaching the town of Urique that is at the bottom of the Canyon of the same name and which is the deepest in the canyons of the Tarahumara mountain range.

Micah True is the main character on which the story is based and who in real life was best known with the nickname of White Horse, takes us through the Tarahumara mountain range and describes the relationship I have with the Raramuris Indians and how he did of running his way of life.

The book takes us not only through landscapes of great beauty, it also takes us by the hand of doctors, trainers, runners, race organizers, anthropologists and the occasional specialist, who has tried to analyze the qualities of the Raramuris Indians and their Innate ability to run, after reading this book it has been a pleasure to discover that perhaps it is true, human beings from its origin were born to run great distances and were losing skills or we simply “forgot.” Among the analyzes that are made is the comparison of running with high-tech tennis against the huaraches of the raramuris one of the conclusions reached is that the more technology put into a running shoe more we were exposed to lessons, how it is possible that the men of the Tarahumara mountain range can cover great distances with only huaraches tied with belts by the calves! To be honest to read this, I alleviate my concern about not changing my running shoes as often as experts say they should do or not buying tennis with more technology, which in addition in the commercial maelstrom sometimes “better” technology is associated with A higher price.

Christopher McDougall takes us on a journey from the evolution of the species of man and as we evolved to become runners, the need for food was manifested in the way of chasing the dam in the early period.

The book is many stories in a great story, tells us for example of the first participation of the raramuris in La Leadville Trail 100 a career in a town in the United States, I also knew to my amazement that the Mexican government in the year 1928 and in a somewhat surreal way, I place two indigenous raramuris directly in the marathon test that was held at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, given that these men from the mountains ran a lot, there was no flaw in that plan, at least that was the way government. The raramuris were in places 32 and 35 of those Olympic Games where they could show that, although they are likely to run very fast, this is not the purpose of why they run, but to run very long distances to enjoy. For the rarámuri running great journeys is synonymous with happiness.

The book details the relationship that Micah True (white horse) achieved closeness with the Tarahumara so much that in 2006 he organized a “friendly” race that brought together the best ultra marathoners of the moment in the world and the best raramuris It was carried out in The town of Urique, a population close to the Raramuri settlement, won the raramuri Arnulfo Quimare in the first edition of this race.

That way, without planning it, he was the promoter of the first race that year after year takes place in Urique (the ultra white horse marathon name given in his honor) and that brings together hundreds of international runners mixed with the Tarahumara community in a large Brotherhood party, doing what they love most, which is running.

This book is not only for people who run, its real value is a new approach to seeing life, through the eyes of the raramuris.

On all the parts what I liked the most is to read that running makes them happy, I feel a little identified when reading this, why has a serious or amateur runner ever experienced that sensation when he runs? feeling inside, as you take one step and another and hear your breath, while becoming aware of the moment and a smile begins to appear on your face as you hug the ground with your feet and embrace life with your heart.

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