Practice Sports a personal decision.

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I have been a lover of sports life for the last three decades of my life, I entered into various disciplines, some of them tucked me up and I stayed there, others adopted them with less intensity, but to run I got trapped forever.

I was a mother at 37 years old, and in a few years I will be almost arriving at what they call old age.

The picture of age does not worry me, what concerns me is the fact of being able to keep myself in the best physical and mental conditions to be able to share quality of life with my son as long as possible

 Each person has different priorities in life, but one of them should be health care.

And that’s how I was an obsessive defender, (I recognize it) of the sport life in such a way that it cost me some wall stops to learn that taking care of oneself is a personal decision.

A year ago a good friend of mine died, a contemporary, an intelligent man as far as work was concerned, with a black humor at times and with no qualms about saying what he thought.

This intelligent man, had an overweight, which had already led him to develop some disease years ago, however, he ate with singular joy without any concern, we exchanged opinions once, when I said that he should take care of himself he said that I could die of a heart attack in any marathon or training.

It is true that this possibility exists, in the half marathon of the city of Mexico celebrated in 2018 two runners over 50 years of age died, and in Mexico 73% of the adult population suffers from overweight or obesity

The statistics say that it is a cultural issue and that it has to do with the purchasing power of things, it seems that it is cheaper to eat junk than to eat healthy, since money is not enough for this, but will it really be true?

I believe that it is a mixture of money, cultural and social factors.

Physical activity is not about leaving tomorrow and running 10 kilometers or a marathon, it is about taking the first step in any physical activity. My running is the activity that first caught me, the cheapest that exists, you just have to put on a pair of shoes and go out, your track has no limits, there are no requirements of age, sex or condition, having a healthy life is as important as caring home, seeing children, work etc.

There is an example that I always tell and I love, that is what happens when you take a plane and the flight attendant comes to give the instructions and recommendations of the flight, they always say that if there is a depressurization in the cabin the oxygen masks will fall, in case of that you travel with a minor or a person that requires your attention you will have to put FIRST your mask and then put it on your companion, that’s it!

We can not pretend that our environment, family, children, couple, work is good, if first we are not good.

Physical activity and healthy living is not a matter of vanity, we should not be afraid because we have 50, 60 or more years to start exercising and take care of ourselves, reading the word grow old, can cause fear, because that word refers to the loss of vitality and energy.

Aging is a natural process of life that we can not avoid and that, although it represents many physical and mental changes, does not mean that it is bad.

It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and playing sports! So do not worry if you have already turned 50 and you have not taken much care of the last few years, time can not be recovered, but you can feel better about yourself, do not listen to someone who tells you to start exercising when you have More than 50 is a waste of time. Think of it as a way to “save”, the more you do for your health today, the more returns you will have in the future.

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